Mixed-Media artist studying Fine Art at De Montfort University.

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UV Installation - Mixed Media

Busy working with UV lights and film :)

Considering ideas for an installation.

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Manipulation Installation (Mixed Media + Projection) December 2013

Candle melting goodness in progress :)

Candle melting goodness in progress :)

Year 2 Formative Assessment

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I’ll look into it :) thanks for letting me know! 

We had to set up an exhibition based around manipulation. I created this installation as a development of my work with wax; the wax has been melted and reset and melted several times again adding different things into it to build the wax plates. Because of this, exhibiting a projection alongside the wax plates was important to me as it shows the cycle of melting that the wax goes through. I feel that the two correlate nicely together, however a whole new can of worms has opened as to where I’ll be heading next!